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10 ex-McDonald's workers are filing wrongful termination claims

All employees are fully entitled to a workplace that does not discriminate against them of the color of their skin. This applies to all companies, large or small. California employees who believe that they have been subject to a wrongful termination may choose to fight back against the company for any illegal practice.

A group of 10 workers who were employed by a McDonald's franchise claim that they were fired on the basis of racism. One of the employees is Hispanic and the other nine are black. All of them claim that they lost their jobs because they did not "fit the profile" for the locations where they were employed.

One of the workers stated that he had no idea what "fitting the profile" meant until he noticed the commonality between himself and the other ousted workers. Additionally, some of the supervisors are accused of sexual harassment. Other supervisors are accused of using derogatory racial slurs such as calling some of the black workers "ghetto." McDonald's replied in a statement that it believes in a diverse workforce and that everyone involved with company is consistent with these beliefs.

Workers in California who believe they were victims of a wrongful termination can choose to pursue legal recourse against their employers.  Those who are successful, in appropriate circumstances, may be reinstated to their former positions. They also may be awarded their lost wages and benefits as well as any other related financial losses that are recognized under applicable employment laws.

Source:, "Ex-employees sue McDonald's for racial discrimination", Danielle Haynes, Jan. 22, 2015

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