January 2015 Archives

10 ex-McDonald's workers are filing wrongful termination claims

All employees are fully entitled to a workplace that does not discriminate against them of the color of their skin. This applies to all companies, large or small. California employees who believe that they have been subject to a wrongful termination may choose to fight back against the company for any illegal practice.

Gay employee alleges his wrongful termination was retaliatory

Each day many workers across the country believe that they must suffer in silence when they are subjected to discrimination and other unfair treatment. Others fear backlash for coming forward with information that could potentially put them at odds with their companies. California workers should not fear retaliation for speaking out about illicit behavior, but, sadly, retaliation still occurs even though it is illegal. Some companies remove employees who file justified complaints, and this is called wrongful termination.

13 flight attendants claim wrongful termination

When people make the decision to fly, they are always concerned about their safety to make sure that they reach their destination. It is also a matter of grave importance to those that work for the airlines. Because they were worried about an imposing threat on a flight from California to Hong Kong, a group of 13 flight attendants for United Airlines claim that they were all subjected to a wrongful termination from employment.

Former assistant to Mariah Carey files a payment dispute

Stars can lead a very hectic lifestyle, which may require them to hire assistants to help them get their life in order so that they stay on task. Although they may be rich and famous, they are still obligated to follow applicable California state and federal labor laws. If their employees are not paid accordingly, they may file a payment dispute to get what they believe is owed to them.

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