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Policy disagreement leads to a claimed wrongful termination

People working in the medical profession can be forced to make some difficult stands regarding their patients' care. Sometime, these opinions will go against management but are thought to be for the betterment of the patients. This does not always result in a happy ending as was demonstrated in a most recent case involving the former chief medical officer of Golden Valley Health Centers in Stanislaus and Merced Counties in California. She claims that she suffered a wrongful termination for speaking out against a new policy that would reduce the quality of patient care.

Man allegedly suffers wrongful termination for reporting fraud

A pharmacist is finally receiving some good news after having his jury-ordered award reinstated. The plaintiff worked for Walgreen's in California when he claimed that he suffered a wrongful termination after reporting alleged billing fraud. For his case, he won $88,000 in general damages. A typical punitive damages award would be 10 times greater than the general damages, but, in this case, the jury's award was 13 times higher, amounting to $1,155,000.

Wrongful termination claim ends in a win for 2 Goldman brokers

Job security is very important to most people, so many workers will do their best to retain their positions. Although there are some legal justifications to fire workers, there are also some reasons that are not justifiable. California employees who lose their jobs due to a suspected wrongful termination may choose to fight to retain their positions or seek justice for their situations.

Zillow former employee claims wrongful termination after injury

Any company's corporate culture should be one in which employees feel motivated to do their best work. All employees, despite any protected characteristic, should feel at ease and be treated equally in the workplace. A former employee in Zillow's California office is claiming that she suffered a hostile work environment, was the victim of discrimination and suffered a wrongful termination.

Zillow faces payment dispute lawsuit filed by workers

When employees are expected to work more hours, they expect to get paid for those additional hours. Unfortunately, some California employers try to avoid paying for extra hours by attempting to intimidate their workers into not taking their breaks or lunches, while others try to get employees to work off the clock, so that they do not have to pay them for their time. One large employer is now facing a payment dispute in which it is accused of illegal practices.

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