October 2014 Archives

Man claims he was subject to a wrongful termination for being gay

All employees have the right to go to work feeling comfortable and not needing to worry about being a victim of harassment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and affected employees may choose to take a stand to put it to an end. A former employee for a California pawn shop claims that he was subjected to harassment and discrimination from his former employer prior to his wrongful termination.

Chipotle accused of forcing employees to work without payment

There are many times when employees may be asked to work before or after their scheduled shifts. California workers are typically under the assumption that they will be clocking in and paid for their extra hours. That was apparently not the case for a former employee of Chipotle who claims that he was required to work additional hours, but not allowed to punch in for proper payment.

Ex-CNN employee files discrimination/wrongful termination claim

After 17 years of service, a former field producer for CNN lost his job for what he believes to be discrimination. The California-based producer -- who is described as a black and Latino American -- covered large-scale events such as the 2012 elections, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. The plaintiff was the first black male to earn a producer position in Los Angeles, but he claims that he never received any other type of promotion after that. He believes that his job loss was the result of a wrongful termination.

Child services agency accused for non-payment of overtime

One way of getting through a tough work day is knowing that a break is coming. It gives an employee a chance to relax, regroup and get ready to go on with the rest of the shift. California employees who are required to work above and beyond their standard hours also expect to be compensated with proper payment. In some instances, a company may neglect to pay its workers appropriately in an effort to keep payroll costs lowered and deny their rest periods so that more work gets completed.

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