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What employee rights do those with criminal records have?

California is at the forefront of many employee rights issues. Discrimination in the workplace is not tolerated and may even be punishable by law. Most people think of discrimination as relating to race, gender, sexual orientation and the like. One point that many people may not consider is the unfair judgment that those with a criminal record may face. However, there are specific ways that employers are and are not allowed to handle employees or prospective employees who have criminal records, as outlined by employee rights.

California Muslims may face employment discrimination, study says

California is a leader among the United States in ensuring that employees are treated fairly by their employers. Their guidelines concerning religious discrimination are much more strict than federal standards, as they make specific declarations that employers are not to discriminate against employees for their dress or how they groom themselves. Unfortunately, this does not mean that instances of employment discrimination don't still occur. Recently a woman who identifies as Muslim says that she was discriminated against by her employer, in violation of state laws.

Mandatory sick leave may affect employment in California

In the past, many employees here in California may have been permitted to have a sick day, but they often also had to miss out on a day's wages. This is all about to change -- starting in 2015, a majority of employees in this state who meet certain requirements will be entitled to receive at least three days of paid sick leave annually. These new laws could have an affect on employment agreements, though it remains to be seen whether these effects will be positive or negative.

The rights of California employees in a wrongful termination suit

There are many perfectly legitimate reasons why a California employer might decide to fire or lay off an employee. However, it happens all too frequently that a worker ends up without a job for a reason that is legally unacceptable. When this happens, an employee might choose to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the former employer, in the hopes of recouping financial losses he or she has likely suffered.

Reasons for wrongful termination in California that are illegal

The state of California is considered an “at-will” employment state. This means that an employer can fire any employee for any reason, whenever the employer decides to do so. However, employers are prevented from terminating employment for specific reasons that are considered illegal. Wrongful termination laws exist to protect employees, though many workers may not be aware of their full rights in this area.

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