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LinkedIn site fined in payment dispute

Those employees who work for technology and social media companies may feel as though they have a great job. They are part of an expanding industry that typically sees high profits, with great potential for personal employee growth. This does not mean that the industry is without its flaws, as several employees for the social network site LinkedIn -- which has a branch here in California -- alleged after the company apparently failed to properly compensate them. The payment dispute affected numerous workers all over the nation.

The U.S. Department of Labor became involved after its investigation revealed that LinkedIn had not paid employees the full wages they were owed, specifically for overtime work. The Labor Department ordered the site to pay its workers more than $3 million dollars for unpaid overtime and another $2.5 million in damages. The site was accused of not only violating overtime regulations, but also for improperly maintaining records as dictated by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

For its part, LinkedIn reportedly cooperated with authorities and has agreed with the ruling. It has not publicly commented on the entire ordeal. Though LinkedIn is facing a class-action lawsuit from some of its website users, no civil claims have been made by any employees at this time.

Companies like this one sometimes have lawsuits brought against them when they fail to make proper payments to their employees. An employee here in California has every right to bring a payment dispute to the attention of the courts if their employer has not followed the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor. Doing so could result in monetary damages being awarded to the employee that corresponds to their specific case.

Source:, "LinkedIn to Pay Workers $6M Over Unpaid Wages", Damon Poeter, Aug. 4, 2014

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