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What is sexual harassment and how does it affect employee rights?

Employees in California have the right to a safe work environment where they can thrive in their chosen profession. This not only refers to physical safety of employees, but to their right to work in workplace where they do not feel threatened or intimidated by employers or other employees. Sexual harassment can be very upsetting to the person who experiences it, though they may not be aware of how to recognize it or how it pertains to employee rights.

University of California nurse claims wrongful termination

When an employee bears witness to company action that he or she believes is wrong, they may not question reporting the incident to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, employees are sometimes unfairly retaliated against for this behavior, commonly called “whistleblowing.” They may be subject to unfair treatment at their workplace or even fired, all for attempting to do the right thing. There is opportunity for recourse, in that employees so affected can file a wrongful termination lawsuit against their former company. This is the situation one California nurse found herself in recently.

LinkedIn site fined in payment dispute

Those employees who work for technology and social media companies may feel as though they have a great job. They are part of an expanding industry that typically sees high profits, with great potential for personal employee growth. This does not mean that the industry is without its flaws, as several employees for the social network site LinkedIn -- which has a branch here in California -- alleged after the company apparently failed to properly compensate them. The payment dispute affected numerous workers all over the nation.

California firefighter claims sexual harassment, makes EEOC claim

Employees have the right to a safe and non-threatening work environment. Here in California and elsewhere, that means that any harassment or discrimination they experience relating to their gender, religion, sexual orientation, race or other factor will not be tolerated. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission exists to assist employees who have endured any type of discrimination on the job. Filing an EEOC claim regarding employment discrimination is necessary before proceeding with any potential litigation. One firefighter says she recently experienced harassment of a sexual nature during her job and has filed two EEOC claims against her former place of work.

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