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California animal control employees claim wrongful termination

Though most employees are satisfied with the conditions of their jobs, there are times when some of them may witness bad practices on the part of their companies. While they may decide that speaking up is the best course of action, they could be punished for doing so by being fired from their position. An unexpected job loss can make it difficult for a person to make ends meet or provide for their family. They may choose to file a wrongful termination suit against their former employer, which is just what two California employees have done.

The two workers were employed by a county animal control service. They claim that the company treated animals inhumanely in an effort to save money. The treatment included starving animals, allowing them to die of disease, falsifying vaccination records and even allowing aggressive animals to kill other weaker animals. The two employees lodged complaints about the practices of the animal control service and they allege that they were fired for speaking out.

The company itself has only been in existence for a couple of years, after another nonprofit opted to cut its contract with the county. The employees say that the company not only mistreated the animals in its care, but they misused finances meant for the company in order for management to profit. They say the company claimed they were fired because county officials were no longer providing funding for their jobs, but they believe it was due to their outspokenness.

While any company has the right to terminate an employee for obvious inadequate job performance, firing someone for raising concerns about animal welfare or other legal issues is unlawful. Workers like these ones in California have every right to pursue a wrongful termination suit if they were fired in retaliation for their actions the way these employees claim they were. A successfully litigated claim could help with financial relief for those who were unexpectedly and unfairly let go from their jobs.

Source:, "Former employees sue Fresno County animal control operator", John Ellis, July 20, 2014

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