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California State employee files wrongful termination claim

Though most employees have confidence in the security of their job, many do not. Employees who are unexpectedly fired may find it difficult to pay their bills or manage their expenses. If they feel that there is a valid reason why they should not have been let go, they may decide to file a wrongful termination claim against their former employer. One former California State University employee has done just that after he claimed that he was fired for research that contradicted a belief that many of his other colleagues share.

California animal control employees claim wrongful termination

Though most employees are satisfied with the conditions of their jobs, there are times when some of them may witness bad practices on the part of their companies. While they may decide that speaking up is the best course of action, they could be punished for doing so by being fired from their position. An unexpected job loss can make it difficult for a person to make ends meet or provide for their family. They may choose to file a wrongful termination suit against their former employer, which is just what two California employees have done.

California caregivers in employment dispute with their employer

Most employees enjoy their jobs and are lucky enough to have a good relationship with their employers. They are fairly compensated for their work according to an agreement between them and their companies. Unfortunately, there are those who are not so fortunate. A group of California healthcare workers are currently in an employment dispute and have accused their employer of several violations relating to fair compensation.

Employment discrimination lawsuit against UCLA by former employee

While most employees in California are very happy with their jobs and like their bosses, many are not so lucky. The law is very clear that discrimination based on race, gender or other protected classes is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Even so, instances of employment discrimination can still occur. Recently, a former employee of the University of California, Los Angeles filed a lawsuit, alleging that she had been discriminated against and was unfairly terminated.

Waivers are valid in employment dispute

At times, workers may have disputes with their employers. Sometimes these disputes may be resolved by having a simple discussion while others are more complicated and result in a lawsuit. If an arbitration agreement exists between a California worker and his or her employer, one may not be able to take the matter to court in the event of an employment dispute.

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