Obama pushes to end employment discrimination in California

Many employees are discriminated against due to their race or sexual orientation. These employees have been subjected to hostile work environments and a strong possibility of losing their jobs. President Obama will be signing an order that bans federal employers in California and throughout the country from employment discrimination in regard to being gay or transgender.

A spokesperson with the Human Rights Campaign stated that this agreement came after six years of leaders advocating for gays. Obama announced that the beginning of 2014 would be the year of movement. The new executive order is only in regard to employers who are contracted with the federal government, and these companies account for over 20 percent of the labor force.

So far, it is legal in 29 states for employers to deny employment or terminate someone because of their sexual orientation. At this time, 32 states have an inadequacy with the laws prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination. The Obama administration stated that gays and transgendered people should have the right to be treated with respect just like anyone else.

Employment discrimination usually occurs when employers treat someone of another sexual orientation or race in a demeaning way as opposed to fellow colleagues. In some instances, California employees were denied promotions or jobs for which they were otherwise qualified. Employees who have been discriminated against for any reason, such as sexual orientation or racial bias, may have the right to pursue civil litigation against the employer involved. Successful claims may result in a civil courtroom awarding financial relief as deemed appropriate.

Source: star-telegram.com, "Obama order prohibits discrimination against gays in the workplace", Lesley Clark, June 17, 2014

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