June 2014 Archives

Teacher files wrongful termination claim against school

A man who has worked as a Catholic high school teacher since 1998 was terminated from his position for reasons he believes are discriminatory. The former California teacher lost his job shortly after he married his same-sex partner. He recently filed a wrongful termination claim against the school.

Obama pushes to end employment discrimination in California

Many employees are discriminated against due to their race or sexual orientation. These employees have been subjected to hostile work environments and a strong possibility of losing their jobs. President Obama will be signing an order that bans federal employers in California and throughout the country from employment discrimination in regard to being gay or transgender.

Donald Sterling files wrongful termination against California NBA

After recorded conversations leaked, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, was banned from the NBA. Donald Sterling filed a wrongful termination claim in a California courtroom against the NBA and the Commissioner. He claimed that his constitutional rights were violated and that the contract was breached.

California firefighter files wrongful termination suit

A firefighter has brought a claim against a fire chief and the city after he was terminated. He filed a wrongful termination suit, claiming that he lost $180,000 in pay and other damages. In 2011, the California firefighter was accused of sexual battery of several women, and the following year, he was acquitted of the charges.

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