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Former California jail manager files wrongful termination claim

At some point in time during employment, workers may experience an illness. Some of these illnesses, such as cancer, are serious in nature and may force employees to take on lighter job duties. At times, employers may frown upon this and may terminate the employees. A former California jail manager filed a wrongful termination suit after he allegedly lost his position due to cancer.

Reportedly, the former manager lost his job position last year following allegations of misconduct. He was allegedly deceptive to other staff members by using the false initials of "PE," which stand for professional engineer. He stated that this is not true, however, and that he was, in fact, terminated due to his request for lighter job duties while battling cancer. He found out about his job loss through an email while he was on vacation.

The former jail manager is requesting judgment for over $5 million to cover compensatory damages and lost wages. He is also seeking compensation for the loss of future earnings. The commission made a ruling that he is entitled to obtain his previous job position and any back pay and benefits that he deserves. The commission also stated that the department director's actions to terminate the man were unjustified and not warranted.

It is unlawful for any California employer to wrongfully terminate someone. It is especially unlawful when someone is wrongfully terminated for discrimination or retaliation. In a number of job fields, employees depend on each paycheck to pay bills and other monthly expenses. Employees who were unlawfully terminated may file wrongful termination claims as appropriate remedies for financial relief that is well needed and deserved.

Source:, "Jail Manager Fired for Cancer or Just Cause?", Tyler Hayden, April 29, 2014

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