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Retaliation against employment discrimination claim is improper

It’s common in California and other jurisdictions for a wrongful termination claim to include more than one area of discrimination or other violations by the employer. In one recent case, a woman has filed suit against her former employer on a number of claims, including gender discrimination, sexual harassment and other employment discrimination issues. There is also a claim of retaliation.

Kaiser faces wrongful termination suit from California employee

Kaiser is faced with a legal battle with a former employee. The former employee filed a wrongful termination claim in a California courtroom after she claims she was forced to endure religious and racial discrimination. The employee belonged to the Muslim religion and was previously working as a supervisor in the collections department.

California school board sued for employment discrimination

Employment discrimination has been a problem in California and across the country. A California school district has been faced with an employment discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee. The woman claims that she was terminated out of discrimination and retaliation.

Former California jail manager files wrongful termination claim

At some point in time during employment, workers may experience an illness. Some of these illnesses, such as cancer, are serious in nature and may force employees to take on lighter job duties. At times, employers may frown upon this and may terminate the employees. A former California jail manager filed a wrongful termination suit after he allegedly lost his position due to cancer.

Former California CarMax worker files wrongful termination suit

The loss of a job position for any reason can put a worker and their family in financial and emotional distress. When this happens, California workers are usually forced to find another avenue of employment or file for unemployment just to pay the bills. If a worker feels they were wrongfully discharged, however, they could have legal options available to pursue. A company called CarMax is faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit from one of its former employees.

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