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California workplace bullying led to wrongful termination

On-the-job bullying and wrongful termination have come to the forefront of workplace issues. One California truck driver was terminated from his place of employment. The truck driver claims that this was an act of wrongful termination after he was repeatedly bullied.

The truck driver was in the midst of a delivery, but the truck he was operating consistently broke down. He contacted his manager on multiple occasions but was unsuccessful in receiving assistance. The manager was even verbally abusive over the phone, which prompted the truck driver to contact the Department of Transportation. The situation turned even worse when the truck broke down again, causing the driver to be late for a pickup.

His manager had allegedly called him and made claims that he stole the truck, and a third party apparently called him and threatened to arrest him. Eventually, his manager terminated him from employment. The former employee applied for unemployment benefits but was initially denied. Eventually, he took the matter to the unemployment administration where a judge agreed with his claims. The judge ruled that the former employee was also entitled to receive back pay.

In California, it is not unlawful for an employee to be bullied at his or her place of work. It is unlawful for an employee to be wrongfully terminated. It is not known if California will enact its own workplace bullying laws, but reportedly, bullying at work can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses. Workers who were wrongfully terminated may have the right to file wrongful termination claims against the companies that committed this act. Doing so may help protect legal rights and obtain financial relief that is needed and deserved.

Source:, "Bullying Has to Stop", Jane Mundy, April 7, 2014

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