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California employee wins large employment discrimination suit

A lawsuit was filed against a popular store chain, Staples, by an employee. A 66-year-old man sued for employment discrimination that occurred while he was employed. A California jury sided with him and awarded $26 million in damages.

During the nine years of employment, the man was always given positive reviews. After Staples procured the company for which he worked, the man was repeatedly teased about his age at staff meetings, called names and repeatedly harassed by supervisors and other colleagues. His experience went beyond teasing and, eventually, he received false accusations against him after he refused his manager's request to resign. At one point, he was suspended for allegedly stealing a bell pepper from the employee cafeteria. Another employee, who worked as a receptionist, informed the man that she refused a demand by management to issue untrue statements regarding his job performance.

Staples claimed that it did not engage in any wrongdoing against the man. In regard to the bell pepper theft, it was argued that there is a zero tolerance policy for theft of any kind. However, the jury sided with the employee. This verdict is said to be the largest ever awarded in that county.

No worker should ever have to face employment discrimination, regardless of age, race or religious background. Employment discrimination can often present a hostile work environment in which a person feels degraded and humiliated. California workers who experience discrimination at the workplace may have the right to pursue civil litigation against their employer. Well-documented evidence may result in monetary damages awarded by a civil court.

Source:, 66-year-old man awarded $26 million in age discrimination lawsuit against Staples, No author, Feb. 27, 2014

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