March 2014 Archives

California wrongful termination suit reaches settlement

A woman who previously worked as a social worker filed suit against her former employer. The California social worker claimed that her job loss was the result of a wrongful termination. The case was originally dismissed, but the employer and the woman have since entered into a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

Former California gay teacher files wrongful termination suit

When a worker is faced with job loss, it can cause a multitude of financial burdens for him or herself and those who depend on that individual for support. Terminating a worker based only on race or sexual orientation is considered wrongful termination under California laws. As unlawful as this act is, it is more common than some may think. A former teacher was terminated from his job position allegedly for marrying his partner.

California account executive wins wrongful termination suit

Playboy has been sued by a former employee. The former account executive filed a wrongful termination suit after allegedly bringing certain company mishaps to light. A California jury awarded the former employee $6 million, not including punitive damages.

California employee wins large employment discrimination suit

A lawsuit was filed against a popular store chain, Staples, by an employee. A 66-year-old man sued for employment discrimination that occurred while he was employed. A California jury sided with him and awarded $26 million in damages.

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