Former California employee files wrongful termination suit

A woman claims that she lost her job after reporting a violation that she noticed at the workplace. She maintains that she was forced to resign from her place of employment in the wake of her making this apparent violation known. She filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Kaiser and her former supervisor in a California courtroom.

The woman was working as an Assistant Director of Diagnostic Imaging which required her to supervise ultrasound technologists and radiology technologists. During her course of employment, the woman noticed that a technologist was falsifying digital records to show a certain number of exams were completed. The employee reportedly did not perform any mammograms in at least two years.

When the woman became aware of this, she notified her superior, who was also the director, of this violation. Instead of looking into the matter, the director reportedly looked for reasons to write her up and terminate her. The director informed the woman that she needed to find another place of employment. Eventually, the former employee was placed on administrative leave and within a short period of time, the director forced her to submit an action plan and a 30-day letter of resignation.

The woman in this case is requesting judgment for lost wages and other damages. She also requests to be reimbursed for attorney expenses and court costs. It is unlawful for California employers to terminate someone for exposing violations at the workplace. Employees who lost their jobs for undue causes may file wrongful termination claims against the employers who violated their rights. The civil court system may award damages based on evidence submitted.

Source: Courthouse News Service, Kaiser Forced Manager Out, She Claims, Barbara Wallace, Feb. 24, 2014

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