February 2014 Archives

Former California employee files wrongful termination suit

A woman claims that she lost her job after reporting a violation that she noticed at the workplace. She maintains that she was forced to resign from her place of employment in the wake of her making this apparent violation known. She filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Kaiser and her former supervisor in a California courtroom.

California company settles wrongful termination claim

Loss of employment for unlawful reasons can put a worker and their family in financial and emotional turmoil. A former employee filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against California employer, CalPERS. The former employee claims that she was terminated for debating the company's insider trades. The case has since settled in the amount of $57,200.

Employment discrimination laws could change in California

Debates over potential changes to employment discrimination seem to be moving to the forefront in California and across the country. Employment discrimination typically protects individuals from losing or being refused a job due to their race or gender. Another issue that's starting to stand out in California is caregiver discrimination.

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