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Man files wrongful termination suit against California Oracle

Losing a job can put an individual and his or her family in financial distress. It can add even more distress when the individual was fired for unlawful reasons. Oracle has been faced with a lawsuit after terminating its sales manager. The sales manager had an issue with how much the company wished to pay an overseas worker who was transferring to their California location. As a result, he lost his job, and the company is being sued for wrongful termination due to alleged ethnic bias and opposing views on employee rights.

Reportedly, the sales manager was in the process of transferring an overseas employee to their California location. During this time, management requested that the man offer the employee less wages. The man disagreed and informed management that the transferring worker should be entitled to the same wages as everyone else.

Shortly after his disapproval, he was terminated from his position. The man stated that his termination was a retaliatory action brought on by the employer due to him voicing his opinion on rights of Indian transfers. He also stated that he lost his position due to discrimination of his background.

It's understandable for an employer to dismiss someone for poor work performance. Under California law, it's unlawful, however, for an employer to terminate someone for any type of discriminatory reason. Employees who have been fired due to discrimination or retaliation have the right to file wrongful termination claims against the employers who have committed these actions. Successfully litigated claims can help employees protect their legal rights and possibly obtain some financial relief.

Source:, Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed in California, Heidi Turner, Jan. 13, 2014

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