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California workers set to receive a higher payment in wages

The amount paid out in minimum wages has come to the forefront. Obama wishes to raise the minimum wage in California and for the rest of the country. California workers are set to see an increase in payment to $10 per hour.

California has been determined to be the third-highest in the amount set in minimum wage. By this summer, the minimum wage will raise from $8 per hour to $9 per hour. Eventually, the minimum wage will raise to $10 per hour. Although the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, 21 states mandate employers to pay more than the federal wage standards. As of now, certain cities within the state have their own minimum wage requirements.

One of the major reasons for such a wage increase is due to the high cost of living. Reportedly, the current minimum wage is not enough for workers to live on. San Diego is considered to be one of the most costly cities in the United States for people to live, particularly regarding costs for monthly rent. Some have opposing views, stating that this could lead to fewer jobs for workers.

Many believe, however, that increasing hourly payment can help more people adequately support their families. Even with the minimum wage increase in California, some companies may still be paying their employees less than the requirement. This is against wage and hours laws, and employees who are not being paid the required hourly minimum may have the right to file claims against the companies who are in violation. Doing so can help workers receive payments that they need and deserve.

Source:, A Reader's Guide to the Minimum Wage Push, Randy Dotinga, Jan. 27, 2014

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