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California man says his age led to wrongful termination

A man who worked for a company for 20 years recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The man indicated that he was terminated due to his age. Terminating someone based on their age is considered wrongful termination under California laws.

Back in 2009, the man sustained an injury to his back while he was replacing a piece of equipment. A company doctor permitted the man to go back to work with restrictions that included not lifting over 50 pounds. After a few months passed however, the physician permitted him to work under no restrictions. However, his usual work schedule that consisted of 40 hours per week was decreased down to 32 hours. He also attempted to have his schedule changed to allow him weekends off, which ended up being denied.

Following these incidents, the man submitted a letter to his human resources department complaining of age discrimination. Back in 2012, the physician recommended that the man obtain a job relocation voucher if the company was unable to accommodate him. The man was ultimately terminated, and the company stated that it could not facilitate his disability. He is suing for failure to accommodate disability and retaliation. He is also suing for age and disability discrimination.

Terminating a worker purely based on age or disability is considered wrongful termination under California laws. This unlawful act can cause most workers emotional distress and place a huge burden on their finances. Individuals who are victims of wrongful termination or any form of discrimination can pursue legal action against the company.

Source:, Former Pebble Beach Co. employee claims age, disability discrimination, Allison Gatlin, Jan. 6, 2014

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