January 2014 Archives

California workers set to receive a higher payment in wages

The amount paid out in minimum wages has come to the forefront. Obama wishes to raise the minimum wage in California and for the rest of the country. California workers are set to see an increase in payment to $10 per hour.

Man files wrongful termination suit against California Oracle

Losing a job can put an individual and his or her family in financial distress. It can add even more distress when the individual was fired for unlawful reasons. Oracle has been faced with a lawsuit after terminating its sales manager. The sales manager had an issue with how much the company wished to pay an overseas worker who was transferring to their California location. As a result, he lost his job, and the company is being sued for wrongful termination due to alleged ethnic bias and opposing views on employee rights.

Manager wins wrongful termination suit in California appeals

A man has filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The man previously worked as an Operations Manager for a California company, Collateral Specialists Inc. The company was sued for wrongful termination after he reportedly unraveled some of the company's dealings.

California man says his age led to wrongful termination

A man who worked for a company for 20 years recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The man indicated that he was terminated due to his age. Terminating someone based on their age is considered wrongful termination under California laws.

California social worker files wrongful termination suit

A former employee of Kaiser has filed a lawsuit. The woman previously worked as a social worker and, according to reports, she is suing for wrongful termination. The California employee states that she was terminated after she reported death threats from a patient.

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