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California engineer files wrongful termination claim

An engineer in California recently accelerated the delivery of Raytheon's missile defense technology, by proffering a system that keeps the electronics inside Raytheon's radar cool. The technology is currently being used by the nation's defense contractors. The man alleges that once Raytheon implemented the technology, the company ran out of work for him. The man has filed a wrongful termination claim.

The man knows that he could also file a patent infringement claim. He feels, however, that the technology he gave to Raytheon is protecting the American public, and he has no problem with it continuing to do so. His actual contention is that he solved a problem that existed before he was hired, and that his job at Raytheon should have some security because of the problem he solved.

Employees in California who believe that they may have been the victim of a wrongful termination or related situation could potentially seek to file a claim against the employer they believe may have acted unjustly. Depending upon the basis for the wrongful termination claim, the remedies and damages recovered may vary. It is imperative to act quickly to preserve any rights stemming from the termination of employment. Many valid and valuable claims are lost because of delays in seeking or perfecting a wrongful termination claim. Acting quickly is especially important if termination resulted from a violation of civil rights (e.g., race, sex, age, disability or sexual orientation).

Filing a wrongful termination claim can be a long and complicated process. Until an outcome is reached, plaintiffs may suffer some professional and financial hardship. California laws do provide the option to file civil lawsuits over these types of disputes in order to afford the opportunity to seek relief from some of the monetary damages that tend to accompany these types of events.

Source:, Engineer claims defense contractor Raytheon stole his patent, Mitch Blacher, Nov. 6, 2013

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