November 2013 Archives

California high school faces wrongful termination suit

In the midst of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act being approved, a high school staff member was terminated from his position after news circulated that he was gay. He had worked at the school as both a football coach and a teacher. He has since filed a lawsuit against the California high school for wrongful termination.

Former California teacher sues for employment discrimination

By law, employers are not allowed to discriminate against their employees, yet there are still plenty of stories in the news about workers who are treated unfairly due to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or other factors. Recently, a former English teacher and coach at a California charter school filed an employment discrimination lawsuit in Alameda County, claiming that he was terminated from his coaching duties because of his sexual orientation. Furthermore, the suit alleges that he was forced to leave his teaching position due to harassment.

California engineer files wrongful termination claim

An engineer in California recently accelerated the delivery of Raytheon's missile defense technology, by proffering a system that keeps the electronics inside Raytheon's radar cool. The technology is currently being used by the nation's defense contractors. The man alleges that once Raytheon implemented the technology, the company ran out of work for him. The man has filed a wrongful termination claim.

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