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No employment discrimination for domestic abuse in California

Sadly, there are many abuse cases that go untold for many reasons. After being abused or victimized in any way, the last thing the victim needs is to lose their job because of it. California has now made it easier for victims to be certain they are protected when it comes to employment discrimination, after any type of victimization.

A new law has been signed, which restricts the discrimination of any employee who may have been a victim of domestic violence. The bill even covers those who are victims of sexual assault and stalking crimes. The governor of California signed the law into effect last Friday, making California the seventh state to do so. This law came into light when a school teacher was allegedly fired from her job after her husband caused the school to go into a lockdown because of his actions.

Victims should not be punished for the actions of others, and this law allows them to feel more comfortable about coming forward after they have been abused. They no longer have to fear losing their job, which will make getting away from the abuse less of a challenge. Reports state that 75 percent of victims stay with their abusers for fear of economic demise, but this law will hopefully change that.

People who are the victims of any type of abuse should not have to worry about employment discrimination. Thanks to the California governor and the new law against this type of discrimination, abuse victims can step forward and take charge of their situation. Abusers can be dealt with properly, and the victims can maintain their lifestyle at ease.

Source:, California Now Seventh State To Bar Employment Discrimination Against Domestic Violence Victims, Bryce Covert, Oct. 15, 2013

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