October 2013 Archives

No employment discrimination for domestic abuse in California

Sadly, there are many abuse cases that go untold for many reasons. After being abused or victimized in any way, the last thing the victim needs is to lose their job because of it. California has now made it easier for victims to be certain they are protected when it comes to employment discrimination, after any type of victimization.

Wrongful termination case goes before jury for determination

Whistle-blowing is generally a protected activity under both federal and state laws. Disagreements with the employer or legally permissible criticisms may not be whistle-blowing. However, in California if the employer takes action against the employee because the employee does or says something that is legally encouraged or protected by public policy, the employee may have a wrongful termination case based on retaliation.

California wage and hour: Overtime approved for nannies

Many domestic workers had been legally denied overtime, but a new law recently passed is meant to correct that problem. There were some household workers who were already being paid overtime under state law, but those laws didn't extend to anyone who takes care of others more than 80 percent of their working hours. The new California wage and hour law attempts to correct that problem by requiring time-and-a-half for any domestic worker that has worked more than nine hours and 45 minutes in any given day, or that has worked more than 45 hours a week.

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