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Woman wins wrongful termination suit

A former head of a medical education program at a for-profit school has recently won her case against a university. She had sued the school for wrongful termination when she was fired in 2011. The firing came just a few months after she had been given a job evaluation that stated she was successfully carrying out her duties. Employees in California may benefit from the outcome of this woman's case.

The woman has claimed that she was upset about some of the issues that were ongoing at the school. She has stated that the school was driven by profit and as a result the job placement figures were inflated and that led to students expecting unrealized results. In addition, there was a lack of training sites available for students to practice the skills they would need in order to graduate and find suitable employment.

The former department head has also alleged that the school was admitting students who had a criminal background. These students were reportedly not advised until almost ready to graduate that their record could hamper their future ability to find gainful employment in their chosen field. The school has denied any wrong doing and has further stated that the issues that the woman had raised were all her own responsibility as a dean.

The school has another pending suit concerning another alleged wrongful termination. In addition, it has been suggested that students may also seek a class action against the school. Employees in California who believe that they may have been a victim of a wrongful firing or related situation may seek to file a claim against the employer they believe may have acted unjustly.

Source:, Fired dean awarded $400,000 from Globe University, Steve Young, Aug. 27, 2013

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