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Man claims wrongful termination from school

A former employee of a school has filed a suit against his employer. The suit states that the man was a victim of a wrongful termination after having worked there for close to two decades. He states that he was not given the required opportunity to formally appeal to the board within the established time frame. Employees in California do have rights in the event they are dismissed from work without clear justification and this case could possibly prove helpful to workers everywhere.

Recently the parties were involved in a court action that was presided over by a judge without a jury present. Both sides were reported to have had an opportunity to address the issue with the judge. The man who was fired did not offer any oral testimony presumably because he is also being accused of having committed some type of illegal act at the school.

The former worker was a custodial manager at the school and he had been employed there for many years. He is now suing the school board for what he believes was an unjust firing as well as for denied pay and benefits. He is further seeking compensation for the suffering that he and his wife experienced emotionally which he believes was caused by the termination. Conversely, the school board has reportedly stated that they believe the suit will serve as the chance that the worker claims he did not have to address the board over the issue of his firing.

The parties will have to wait to find out the ruling that the judge will issue in this situation. The court has stated that it may be a month before any decision is released. California laws are in place that could benefit employees who may find that they are caught up in a similar situation such as a wrongful termination. Workers do have rights that are meant to ensure that they have the opportunity and available information that they may need in order to fight against any unjust or unlawful actions of an employer.

Source:, "Former school employee appeals wrongful termination," Ryan Scott Ottney, Aug. 3, 2013

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