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California official accused of employment discrimination

A woman who was once employed in a highly coveted position, has found other employment and has accused her former boss of unacceptable workplace behavior. The complaint that the woman has filed includes charges of employment discrimination and other alleged wrongful behaviors. The California town is now assembling a group of professionals to investigate the claims this woman has made.

The complaint the woman has filed will allow her to sue both the town and her former boss at a later time if she decides to do so. She has alleged that her employer made advances toward her, refused her right to a promotion and subjected her to issues that were not related to her job. She has further claimed that she had to take transfers she did not want and that she suffered retaliation when she refused to participate in sexual relations.

The woman has now left her position in that office and has taken another job in the city's district. Her former boss had at first refused any acknowledgement of the filed report. However, a spokesperson has recently expressed the city official's strong denial of the claims and has stated that he will work with the investigators in the matter.

Allegations that involve employment discrimination are serious matters. This woman has taken steps to ensure that her rights as an employee to a fair and safe workplace are protected. While this matter has not yet been resolved, other California workers have the same right to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. Any employee that believes they have been a victim of a hostile work environment could file such complaints if they find themselves in similar situations.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Councilman Jose Huizar hit by employee discrimination complaint, David Zahniser, Aug. 12, 2013

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