August 2013 Archives

California official accused of employment discrimination

A woman who was once employed in a highly coveted position, has found other employment and has accused her former boss of unacceptable workplace behavior. The complaint that the woman has filed includes charges of employment discrimination and other alleged wrongful behaviors. The California town is now assembling a group of professionals to investigate the claims this woman has made.

Man claims wrongful termination from school

A former employee of a school has filed a suit against his employer. The suit states that the man was a victim of a wrongful termination after having worked there for close to two decades. He states that he was not given the required opportunity to formally appeal to the board within the established time frame. Employees in California do have rights in the event they are dismissed from work without clear justification and this case could possibly prove helpful to workers everywhere.

Many California workers protest wage and hour laws

Many minimum wage employees are protesting for the need for higher starting pay. The current wage and hour laws have not been updated by the government for several years. While there are some states that require companies to pay a higher rate than the federal level of about $7 an hour, that pay is just not keeping pace with the rising costs of living. California workers may also benefit if the minimum rate were increased for the lowest paying positions.

New concerns about employment discrimination regarding obesity

It can be hard in today's job market to find a job and an employer that is a good fit and provides the opportunity for a worker to make a living. Sometimes when a worker is possibly denied an opportunity, an employer may be guilty of employment discrimination. If a worker believes that they have been denied a position or fired from one without just cause then they may seek to file a complaint against the company. Some workers in California and elsewhere may have a new regulation in place soon that could help them.

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