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In California the suit doesn't fit in wrongful termination claim

The board of directors of a men's clothier franchise have decided that the founder of the company is no longer suited to serve as the spokesman. The founder and former executive director of the company claims that the firing is a wrongful termination. The executive directors of The Men's Warehouse, which is well known for both its merchandise and tag line, says that the fired founder was no longer fit to serve as the face of the business.

The company, which has its executive offices in California, claims that the former CEO was still attempting to dictate company business decisions especially involving the proposal to sell its discount clothing branch. The current CEO who, ironically, was selected by the out-going CEO, claims that the former spokesman was motivated by his own profit potential concerning other aspects of the business as well. In addition, they have accused the fired employee of being a stubborn and difficult employee.

The founder has insisted that the firing was without cause. He has further stated that the claims made against his character and motivations are in retaliation for his protesting the wrongful termination. He has further stated in a letter that he was concerned that the company has been straying from the ideals he felt the business embodied.

Whatever the final outcome of this matter, these types of situations are a good way to draw attention to the rights of both employees and bosses. California is home to thousands of businesses. The employees of most of these companies are usually treated with fairness and respect. California, like all other states, has laws in place that are designed to protect against any wrongful termination. Any employee that believes to have been subjected to a wrongful termination, should be reassured that there are avenues open to them where they can find professionals who are trained in how to provide assistance in order to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Zimmer hits back at Men's Wearhouse, says he's not 'obstinate'," Tiffany Hsu, June 27, 2013

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