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California woman alleges wrongful termination

A woman who says her employer fired her for reporting sexual harassment is taking her former boss to court, according to local sources. The Stockton, California woman alleges the dentist she worked for created a sexually dangerous atmosphere in the workplace and then fired her for calling him on his behavior. She is suing for wrongful termination.

The woman alleges that she put up with inappropriate advances from her supervisor, a registered dentist, for years out of fear of losing her job. According to her, the harassment largely consisted of sexually-charged comments directed at her and other female coworkers. She described the environment as a "hotbed" of harassment against the women who worked there.

The woman says she filed multiple complaints with the university that oversaw the clinic, but nothing was ever done about it by the university's Human Resources department. However, she does allege that her performance reviews from her superior became increasingly negative following the complaints. Eventually, she had had enough and walked off the job, a move that resulted in her termination.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is inappropriate, and no employee should be asked to stand for it. Certainly, here in the state of California, no one should be fired for speaking out against such treatment. If an individual loses his or her job as a result of standing up for their rights as employees and as human beings, such a move may very well constitute wrongful termination in a court of law, and anyone who finds themselves in such a situation is urged to seek support in filing a suit against a former employer.

Source:, "Stockton woman says she was fired for reporting sexual harassment," Suzanne Phan, July 19, 2013

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