June 2013 Archives

Jury awards $2.7 million in wrongful termination claims

When 'downsizing', some companies will engage in the illegal practice of terminating older, better paid workers and retaining the younger ones who are paid less. This obviously saves the company an extra wad of money but at the same time puts in a shambles the lives of many who devoted their working lives to the ungrateful company. In California, the practice is illegal and constitutes wrongful termination under state and federal law.

Employer can't sue for court declaration in employment dispute

When a terminated employee advises the employer that there could be a suit for wrongful termination, it's probably unwise for the employer to first file against the employee, demanding that the court declare that the employer is correct in its position. That's generally an improper way to respond to a terminated employee's claims in an employment dispute, and one which recently failed miserably. A federal judge in California recently dismissed a lawsuit filed by a former employer against two teachers that the employer fired on religious grounds.

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