April 2013 Archives

Employee wins wrongful termination lawsuit after 5-year fight

Despite what many California workers might hope, filing -- and winning -- an employment lawsuit doesn't happen overnight. Those who feel they've been treated unfairly and unlawfully by an employer can't simply call a lawyer and walk away with a small fortune by the time their next paycheck is due. Filing a discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuit can be a long and complicated process, and until an outcome is reached, plaintiffs may suffer some professional and financial hardship, depending on their situation. Some cases can take years to resolve, even with the most qualified attorney.

Some California companies still paying under sweatshop rules

In the 21st century, it would be nice to believe that our society has evolved to a point where employees are paid fairly for the work they perform. To most people, this means an hourly wage that meets or exceeds the state and federal minimum.

Several bills could affect California employees: part two

Last week we discussed the ever-changing employment law landscape and how dynamic laws can be confusing for employers and employees alike. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the state legislature can help workers and their bosses avoid unpleasant surprises down the road when they take a certain action only to learn that the rules have changed.

Several bills could affect California employees

Employment law is constantly changing, creating a dynamic employment landscape that is constantly adapting and evolving. This can sometimes make it difficult for both employees and employers who may be caught off-guard by new laws that may affect their everyday operations.

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