February 2013 Archives

Employment protections for returning servicemembers: part one

We owe the men and women who serve in America's military a great debt of gratitude. There has been much discussion about how the country can take care of its veterans after they return from military service. Many of these discussions revolve around helping them recover from battle wounds both physical and psychological.

California farm labor law in limbo: part two

Last week we discussed some past and recent changes to California's farm labor laws. We also touched on some of the unique challenges that agricultural employees face, which include widespread employer misconduct, unpredictable factors like weather and resources, and a long history of reliance on immigrant labor.

California farm labor law in limbo

Back in the 1970s, the Agricultural Labor Relations Act was passed in California. It created a way for the United Farm Workers' union to work out contracts with growers. However, implementation of the law was slow and farmers and growers failed to develop contracts because of their different styles and priorities.

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