January 2013 Archives

The "wage and duties" test and non-exempt executives

Last week we discussed the recent settlement of 14 lawsuits against Rite Aid. The drugstore chain and Fortune 500 company was named as a defendant in 15 wage and hour suits alleging that they improperly classified managers as exempt employees.

Rite Aid settles wage and hour class action

Rite Aid has recently faced wage and hour litigation after classifying more than 6,000 employees as "exempt" workers, meaning that they exempt from overtime pay for any hours they work over 40. 15 lawsuits were filed claiming that these workers should have been classified as "nonexempt" and eligible for overtime pay.

No federal disability protections for medical marijuana users

A recent case out of California has interesting implications for employees who are legally prescribed medical marijuana. As more states decriminalize the drug for medical or recreational use, the relationship between relevant state and federal law is playing out in courts.

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