December 2012 Archives

California clothing mogul incites wrongful termination

Too often a successful, well-known, and profitable business can give managers and executives the impression that they can get away with anything. In these cases, employees from entry-level to very experienced can find themselves in a difficult position. When the actions of a boss impedes on others' personal dignity, but reporting such conduct means a likely firing, where can a worker turn to?

Older employees in Silicon Valley may face age discrimination

Tech start-ups in Silicon Valley are known for their laid-back, inclusive culture and strength in innovation. But some workers and employment law experts in the region are noticing an unexpected side effect: rising complaints of age discrimination.

Clothing chain dodges the class-action bullet in California court

A California judge has denied class-action status in a lawsuit against Wet Seal, a clothing chain known for its affordable, fast-fashion take on current trends in young womenswear. The company still faces wage and hour accusations from employees who allege they faced unfair out-of-pocket expenses while working at the company, but it will be spared from a potentially huge class action suit.

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