Diligent Advocacy For Those Suffering Catastrophic Injuries

A serious accident resulting in a person's death, the sustaining of a brain injury, or the severe bodily injury will often permanently change the lives of the victim and their family. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters, conveniently located in San Jose, California, fights diligently and ethically to ensure that negligent parties are held accountable.

Compassion For Those Who Lost A Family Member

If you have lost a loved one in a tragic accident, you can be sure that any claim for wrongful death contact will be investigated, evaluated and litigated with the care and concern for the family members who have suffered a devastating loss. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters conveniently located in downtown San Jose, California, will represent grieving family members with the tact and respect necessitated by such tragic circumstances and will work tirelessly to hold responsible individuals or companies liable for their actions.

Identifying Heirs And Proving Wrongful Death

The first and oftentimes difficult task in any wrongful death action is to identify, locate and contact the deceased's legal heirs. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters, with the immediate family's assistance, seeks to identify the legal relationship of all family members, as well as those family members with unique relationships with the deceased that may entitle them to damages for lost financial support or other damages. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters also investigates the potentially liable parties and all potential bases for imposing liability.

Damages You Are Entitled To In A Wrongful Death Case

Damages recoverable in a wrongful death case will vary depending upon the nature of the accident causing the death, the manner in which death occurred, whether any family members observed the accident, and the relationship between various family members or heirs and the deceased. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will investigate all aspects of damages that may be recovered in a case, and will further assess whether the responsible parties are capable of satisfying an appropriate judgment against them.

If relevant, the deceased's pain and suffering will also play a part in determining damages. The death may not have been immediate, and your loved one may have lingered and suffered for a long time before death. Our approach to investigating wrongful death claims is to be detail-oriented and to collaborate with the family. We need to determine the extent of the loss, both financial and emotional.

The Devastating Effects Of Brain Injuries

Following an accident, the victim may display cognitive (i.e., mood, behavioral or personality) changes, and even amnesia. A brain injury may result from a closed head trauma, or severe concussion, or a skull fracture. Brain injuries may vary widely in their nature and severity. They can have a devastating and permanent effect on the victim's personal and professional life, as well as that of the victim's family. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will thoroughly investigate the nature and extent of the brain injury, identify the responsible parties, assess their legal liability, as well as evaluate the damages the victim has sustained.

Skilled Representation Of Head Injury Victims

The experience of the Law Offices of Louis Spitters in handling cases involving head trauma and brain injuries demonstrates that successful recovery from the brain injury must be the highest priority. The first step is to ensure that the victim receives the necessary medical assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for their brain injury. From there, the Law Offices of Louis Spitters pursues a hands-on, personalized, collaborative and aggressive approach to investigating the merits of any claim arising from the accident, and identifying any potentially responsible party.

Establishing Liability And Getting You Compensated

Our hands-on approach includes visiting the site of the accident and documenting the accident to determine, to the extent possible, exactly what happened, how the head trauma occurred, and the nature and severity of the trauma. Medical records and diagnoses of the severity and location of the brain injury are also reviewed. Once the facts of the accident have been determined, we identify all potentially responsible parties, and the various legal theories under which liability may be imposed. We will also determine their ability to satisfy a substantial judgment. Thorough preparation in these cases is essential to a successful resolution, whether by settlement or trial.

Representing Severely Injured Clients

A serious accident may often result in the permanent impairment or loss of use of a region of the body, whether it be the neck, back, limbs, joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle), hands or feet. These injuries may have a dramatic and often permanent effect on the victim's ability to earn a living, and upon their quality of life. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will thoroughly investigate the nature and extent of the victim's injury, identify the responsible parties, assess their legal liability, and evaluate the victim's damages.

As with all injury cases, the victim's must first focus on the healing process, by receiving a thorough diagnostic assessment of the injury and appropriate treatment. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will investigate in a collaborative manner the facts of the accident, all potentially responsible parties, the legal theories for imposing liability, the victim's damages and the ability to satisfy a substantial judgment.

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