Advocating For Project Owners In Construction Disputes

Residential homeowners and commercial project owners need protection when a contractor has failed properly to execute a project. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters, conveniently located in San Jose, California, represents project owners dealing with projects that have not progressed or reached completion in accordance with their expectations or their agreement with their contractor.

It is essential, if issues cannot be resolved through prompt negotiation with the contractor, that the project owner retains counsel before the projects get too far "off track." The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will analyze the issues involved in the project promptly, discuss an agreed course of action with the project owner, and pursue such actions as are necessary to resume and complete the project. Where these efforts do not succeed on in restoring order to the project, litigation may follow.

Holding Contractors To Their Obligations

At the Law Offices of Louis Spitters, we hold contractors accountable for their actions by determining that they are licensed, bonded, insured and working within the scope of their license. Where a project involves residential property, we make sure the home improvement contract contains the prescribed terms and disclosures. If any part of the contract is not being complied with by the contractor, we will ensure they are held responsible and fight for you to get damages.

Knowledge Of Construction Industry Standards

Investigating a construction dispute, once the licensing and contracting issues have been addressed, requires a detailed evaluation of the scope of the work and the execution of the work to make sure it complies with the terms of the parties' agreement and that the work has been performed in accordance with applicable codes and industry standards. This evaluation is especially important where the owner is dissatisfied with the quality of the work. The owner's expectation may occasionally exceed that required by industry standards, which necessitates education of the owner and adjustment of the owner's expectations, if that is warranted by the circumstances. Often, an expert must be retained to provide an independent assessment of the work performed.

Negotiating Or Litigating Your Construction Defect Case

Once we have addressed the quality of work issues, I will collaborate with the owner in the preparation of a statement of claims to be presented to the contractor for resolution of the project dispute. If the contractor does not meet your reasonable expectations, the Law Offices of Louis Spitters will attempt to negotiate for a prompt and cost-effective resolution. If that process fails, litigation may follow.

Put An Experienced Construction Attorney On Your Side

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