Representing Construction Contractors Facing Licensing Issues, Contracting Issues, Payment Issues And Construction Defect Claims

Knowing that their licenses, their careers or the future of their businesses may be at stake, The Law Offices of Louis Spitters, conveniently located in San Jose, California, aggressively represents the interests of contractors throughout Northern California.

Licensing and contract problems, nonpaying customers and accusations of product or workmanship defects require the services of a seasoned attorney knowledgeable about these aspects of construction law.

Construction Industry Knowledge

The construction industry is highly regulated by B&P Code and Cal. Code of Regs., and the laws governing the profession are complicated. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters maintains a thorough and current knowledge of those laws in representing contractors involved in issues over licensing and various disputes with construction companies and their customers. I have throughout my career been involved in cases addressing all manner of licensing, contracting, payment and defect issues.

Representing Contractors On Licensing Issues

Contractors performing work without a license in the State of California, with rare exception, are not entitled to receive payment for their work. For this reason, the Law Offices of Louis Spitters advises its client to maintain proper licenses, bonds and insurance, and to work within the scope of their licenses. When a licensing dispute arises, I will review the matter with you and advise the best course of action necessary to protect your interests.

Disputes With Nonpaying Customers

Experience demonstrates that when a party becomes dissatisfied with the progress on a project, whether it involves a residential project, a commercial project or a public works project, the funds stop flowing. It then becomes necessary through negotiation to resolve the dispute in order to complete the project. When this does not occur, the contractor must pursue its mechanic's lien, stop notice or bond rights. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters advises its clients that this arena is fraught with procedural traps that must be complied with in order to secure the right to payment. Once it has been verified that the contractor has complied with the prelien, stop notice or bond notice requirements, we will review the transaction and advise the client of the best means for securing payment, whether by negotiation or litigation.

Addressing Construction Defect Claims

Allegations of construction defects by a homeowner, commercial customer or public entity require immediate attention. Time is of the essence in responding to a contract warranty claim. Often such claims arise in opposition to demands for payment. If the issue cannot be resolved expeditiously, in appropriate cases the contractor's insurer should be contacted and placed on notice of the defect claim. The project file must carefully document the progress of a project so that these issues may be evaluated and a proper course of action pursued.

Collaborative Approach On Your Construction Contract Case

The Law Offices of Louis Spitters will collaborate with you in building your case. We get the facts of the disputes or licensing problems and develop a strategy to move your case forward. In the end, we want to make sure that you emerge from the legal process with an active license and with your reputation unaffected.

Putting Seasoned Construction Experience On Your Side

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced construction litigation lawyer regarding licensing, contracting, lien and bond litigation, or construction defects, please contact us by calling 408-780-1920.