Protecting Business Clients From Costly Commercial Litigation

A contract or another business relationship should provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. Yet, even the best relationships or the most advantageous of opportunities may sour, or the most carefully drawn agreements may be broken. All too often, disagreements arise in which the parties' actions may lead to costly and unnecessary litigation. In other instances, where litigation is necessary, it may often be pursued in an unproductive manner. That is where the Law Offices of Louis Spitters, conveniently located in San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, is able to assist clients in resolving difficult and contentious problems.

Business Disputes Over Contracts

The signing of a contract is a culmination of expectations, negotiations, understandings of the involved parties. If one party fails to fulfill its obligations and the parties cannot themselves resolve the problem, disputes frequently broil over into the legal arena. Effective representation can prevent the parties from having to incur the substantial time and resources required to resolve the matter through a court battle.

Collaborating With You To Find Solutions

The Law Offices of Louis Spitters seeks first to establish and maintain a long-term collaborative relationship with business clients. When a contract dispute arises with a new client, I first acquaint myself with the business and with its goals and objectives. Once I have an established relationship with a client, I am able to draw upon my experience in representing the company. With both new and existing clients, I am able to arrive quickly at an understanding of the client's need and goals. We review all documentation thoroughly to evaluate the matter quickly and objectively. As a collaborator in your legal matter, the client's input and insight are invaluable.

Identifying The Best Course Of Action In A Breach Of Contract Case

While many business people want to proceed immediately toward litigation, as an experienced business attorney Louis Spitters uses his skills and experience to evaluate whether bringing the matter before a court is the best course of action. There are benefits and detriments to settlements and litigation over a breach of contract that must be evaluated at the earliest opportunity to determine which course of action will best serve the client's interests. The Law Offices of Louis Spitters strives to achieve the most desirable and most cost-effective outcome for clients, either through negotiation or litigation.

Speak To An Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorney

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