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Former security of hospital files wrongful termination suit

The majority of patients likely do not consider all of the aspects that go into making a hospital safe for employees and patients. As California residents are aware, violence can break out anywhere, including in health care settings. These institutions are charged with providing a safe environment, and to take shortcuts can place all involved at risk. That is purportedly the reason one former security director recently filed a wrongful termination suit against his former employer.

Man files wrongful termination claim after fired due to a rally

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the Untied States grants the right of citizens to free expression of speech and personal beliefs if done so in a peaceable manner. In spite of this constitutional right, there are times when an employer has fired workers for holding their own viewpoints on social issues. California workers who have been fired for a similar reason may have the right to file a wrongful termination claim.

Former officer alleges wrongful termination and weighs options

When one invests time, energy and passion into a chosen field, being accused of improper conduct can cause many undesirable consequences. If those allegations lead to an individual losing his or her job, then there may be basis for a wrongful termination claim. California workers who are facing this scenario do have the right to seek a suitable resolution.

College faces new wrongful termination suit a month after others

For one college system, it has been a series of one bad grade after another. According to media sources, the school finds itself facing news of a second lawsuit over an alleged wrongful termination just one month after several other former employees filed a similar civil suit. Though this school is not located in California, there may be educators here who have faced these types of circumstances.

Former NFL player sues New York Jets for wrongful termination

In the world of professional sports, players are drafted, traded and otherwise juggled around for a variety of reasons, and in spite of a talented player's contributions to his team, an athlete may find himself off a team with little explanation as to why. As California fans are aware, these players often turn up elsewhere unless his reputation has suffered undue harm. Recently, a player has filed a claim against his former team alleging he was a victim of a wrongful termination.

Veteran files wrongful termination claim against sheriff's office

When one serves his or her country through the armed forces, he or she is entitled to certain protections under federal laws. However, there are situations that arise when an employee believes those rights were violated through an alleged wrongful termination. California veterans or other workers who believe they have faced any discrimination are assured of their rights to seek a just resolution. 

Former employees file wrongful termination against state official

After every election, if an incumbent has been ousted, there are likely many changes made in the old administration. However, while newly elected officials may prefer to make personnel changes, there are times when these decisions may result in a wrongful termination claim. There may be many California workers who lost long-term positions based on a seemingly personal agenda.

Singer Eddie Money denied dismissal of wrongful termination suit

In the world of music and musicians, the compositions of touring bands changes for a variety of reasons. However, in spite of some public feuds, one does not hear of a band member filing a wrongful termination suit against a lead artist on a frequent basis. Recently, California resident and singer Eddie Money, was denied his request to have such a suit against him dismissed.

Sales exec for Kargo awarded millions in wrongful termination

A former senior vice president of sales for the advertising company, Kargo, filed for arbitration against her former employer. The judge who examined her case recently decided in the woman's favor in her wrongful termination case. While many companies require employees to sign arbitration agreements, California employment laws are not favorable toward this option.

Constructive termination may be a matter for litigation

Ever since you pointed out that mistake your co-worker made, your work days turned into a nightmare. You were insulted, slighted and you believed your work was unfairly critiqued on a regular basis. It got to the point that you could not possibly endure one more day and you had to resign. This might be considered a constructive termination, and in California, you may be able to fight back.

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