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EEOC claim process updated for easier access for workers

Recently, the media sources have been deluged with stories concerning high-profile individuals who have been accused of committing various types of sexual harassment. Earlier in November, the EEOC announced that it had introduced a new website that may make it easier for California workers to report harassment on the job. Though the move was unrelated to the current spate of reports concerning inappropriate behaviors, the new process may encourage victims to file an EEOC claim in the event they have faced discrimination or harassment on the job.

Several courts divided on employment dispute with Uber drivers

The growth of ride-sharing apps has been a boon for some and a source of confusion for others. There have been several recent court battles, including here in California, concerning separate employment dispute lawsuits that have been filed against Uber. The growing popularity of these types of sharing applications may be negatively impacted once this dispute is eventually settled.

Supreme Court to hear case that could impact some employee rights

The U.S. Supreme Court recently reconvened and will hear a potentially pivotal case that has been the subject of a major employment dispute. It is feared that the outcome could have a serious impact on one aspect of employee rights. This case could affect millions of workers here in California and nationwide.

Complaints over racial discrimination result in EEOC claim

Every employee is entitled to a discrimination-free workplace regardless of one's race, creed or marital status. If an employee feels that a fellow worker or employer has violated these rights in any way, he or she is entitled to file an EEOC claim in order to seek a remedy to the unsettling situation. California workers are assured of their rights to pursue an agreeable resolution through any methods available to them.

Department of Justice takes position on employment discrimination

California workers may be entitled to pursue legal action whenever they believe they suffered any type of workplace discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 established that employers may not refuse to hire, terminate or otherwise discriminate against an employee based on race, religion or sex, in addition to creed or country of origin. However, at present the Act does not specifically address employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

EEOC claim results in Ford paying an estimated $10 million

Securing employment as a factory worker with one of the top car manufacturers may seem like a dream come true for many. However, while there are many benefits to working for such a company, there may also be a dark side that could warrant the need to file an EEOC claim. Recently, the Ford Motor Company reportedly entered into an agreement to settle claims for an estimated $10 million. Although this settlement does not include any California locations, workers here may benefit from learning more of what the claim entailed.

Company agrees to settle EEOC claim and change policies

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal agency that protects workers from discrimination. When a California worker believes that he or she has been a victim of some type of discrimination, he or she is entitled to file an EEOC claim in an effort to resolve the issue. Recently, a company agreed to settle a complaint concerning discrimination against disabled workers.

Court agrees to revisit employment discrimination case from 2010

In 2010, a man who was employed by a skydiving company filed a suit against his employer alleging that he was unlawfully terminated. The suit was filed on the basis that his termination was based on employment discrimination. The case was not filed here in California, but it may set a precedent depending on the outcome.

Mattress company agrees to fines and changes after EEOC claim

Sealy Mattress is often synonymous with a restful night. However, after an investigation into an EEOC claim, the company is looking at making some changes in the way employees are treated. California companies may also face these claims in the event that an employee has been the victim of discrimination in one form or another.

Some see proposed law as way of subverting employee rights

If an employee experiences difficulties on the job or with terms of that employment, a conversation with the boss or with human resources can often resolve the problem. However, every worker has the right to consider litigation if employee rights appear to have been violated. While most California workers still have this right, employees in another state may face limitations on their right to seek legal recourse through the civil justice system.

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