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Definition of employment contracts and what constitutes a breach

There are specific laws that dictate who is to be considered an employee and how that relationship is to be regulated. Additionally, there are also degrees of what can be considered breaches of those employment contracts. If a California worker believes that he or she has been a victim of a breach on the part of an employer, he or she does have the right to seek a remedy.

Passengers grounded in the middle of employment contract dispute

The majority of the time, when an employee and a company cannot come to terms, no one outside of the conflict is impacted. However, there are situations when California residents are directly affected by the fallout of an employment contract dispute. Such may be the case in the current disagreement between pilots and Spirit Airlines.

Emergency dispatchers caught up in employment contract dispute

One of the worst outcomes imaginable could result if a person experiencing a true emergency isn't able to reach help when calling 9-1-1. However, when these critical employees are caught up in an employment contract dispute, this could possibly happen if no one is left to answer these pleas for assistance. Every county in California, as well as every other state, has a center that employs these dedicated workers.

State blames employment contract dispute in California for issues

When workers are experiencing difficulties with an employer, the issue can have far-reaching effects. An employment contract dispute can cause ripples throughout the industry or community in which the conflict is occurring. However, successfully negotiating or litigating these disputes can ensure that workers' rights are protected in the long run.

Teachers, board hit employment contract dispute roadblock

While students are still in the midst of the current academic year, teachers in one district are working to iron out their contracts with the local school board for the next three year term. Unfortunately, just as the vote to approve a new contract was taken, a last minute employment contract dispute arose. Many California teachers have faced issues with their own employment contracts during their careers. 

California workers have options in employment contract dispute

In most states, the construction industry is usually in full swing as long as the ever-changing seasons are favorable to outdoor work. As many California workers know, their chosen profession is not without its issues, including the troubling possibility of an employment contract dispute. There are options available that may assist one in overcoming these often seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The importance of paying attention to employment contracts

When people searching for new jobs are offered positions, it is understandably an exciting time.  Many employers in California offer contracts and apply pressure to the recipients to commit quickly. However, most employment contracts have boilerplate language that generally benefits the employer, and it could be important to a potential employee's interests to read, understand and run this language by an attorney prior to signing.

After strike, Verizon employment contracts will greatly improve

Labor union disputes have become rarer in recent years, but a recent strike by Verizon telecommunications workers has ended in favor of its employees. Due to solidarity on the picket line, workers have emerged with significantly better employment contracts. As it is a national firm, the victory achieved by workers could be a source of hope for workers in California and other areas of the country.

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