February 2016 Archives

Nurse sues medical facility for wrongful termination

A licensed practical nurse from outside California is suing her previous employer for firing her unjustly. She claims that the medical center she worked for retaliated against her for reporting patient safety issues and then mistreated her because of her age. She has filed a wrongful termination claim against the facility in federal court, seeking to right the wrongs against her.

Woman claims she suffered a wrongful termination because of age

As California workers age, some are blessed with good health and others are not. Even though these individuals are getting older, that does not make them any less valuable in the workplace. A woman outside the state claims that she lost her job and suffered a wrongful termination based on her age. She has filed a lawsuit in a federal court to right the wrongs against her.

Paramount and others accused of not giving payment for overtime

In California or elsewhere, working for a movie production company may seem like a dream job that offers the opportunity to hang out the stars. However, production assistants working for Paramount Pictures, Regency Films, Nickelodeon and other companies claim that the job is not the least big glamorous and sometimes outright disgusting. They are accusing the production companies of not giving them payment for overtime and of forcing the workers to endure extreme conditions to stay on the set.

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