April 2015 Archives

Raley's accused of employment discrimination due to pregnancy

Having a child should be an exciting time in a woman's life, but all of that excitement can turn into stress if she is forced from her job or unnecessarily placed on leave because of her condition. Two women who were employed at Raley's grocery store in California claim they were the victims of employment discrimination based on pregnancy. The first plaintiff informed her employer that she was pregnant five months before she was due. Her doctor had instructed her not to lift more than 10 pounds. She was called to the store director's office and was told to go home because the company did not make special accommodations for pregnant women.

Walmart accused of non-payment of overtime to managers

Many workers strive to be promoted to management, especially in retail, so that they can make more money for their families. While in these positions, the workers expect to make more money and perform managerial duties. One of the managers at a California Walmart claims she was misclassified and, thus, denied payment for the overtime hours that she worked.

Blue Shield VP says wrongful termination was for whistleblowing

The people working at the executive level are responsible for making big decisions. Their choices directly impact both their companies and consumers and should not be made lightly. When an employee notices suspected illegal conduct, he or she may choose to speak out against the inappropriate action. The former vice president of Blue Shield of California claims he was the victim of a wrongful termination because he was blowing the whistle on the decision to use an overpriced vendor.

Forever 21 under fire for employment discrimination by ex worker

Some major changes may be occurring for employees who are being harassed in the workplace due to their gender identity. The U.S. Attorney General recently indicated that going forward, the Justice Department will begin considering transgender workers to be covered under the Civil Rights Act for employment discrimination. An employee who worked for California-based Forever 21 took a stand against the unfair treatment that she claims to have received because of her gender identity.

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