April 2014 Archives

Former truck driver wins wrongful termination case

Receiving word that one has to be terminated from a job can be a major blow to an individual in California. After all, a job provides financial support in addition to giving an individual a sense of purpose in life. Being wrongfully fired understandably can cause anger in the victim, who reserves the right to seek justice in a wrongful termination situation in our state.

California teachers given raise after payment dispute

Teachers were in a dispute with the school board of Desert Sands over payments. The payment dispute involved the concern over the increase in class size and no wage increases over the years. The California School Board recently approved raises for teachers.

California workplace bullying led to wrongful termination

On-the-job bullying and wrongful termination have come to the forefront of workplace issues. One California truck driver was terminated from his place of employment. The truck driver claims that this was an act of wrongful termination after he was repeatedly bullied.

California jewelry company in employment dispute

Sterling, a nationally recognized jeweler, is facing a number of legal woes. Employees have filed complaints with allegations of sexual discrimination. The lawsuit may end up having over 40,000 women in California and throughout the country involved in the employment dispute.

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