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Business Law Attorney Serving San Jose, CA

Commercial Real Estate Litigation Lawyer for Santa Clara County

When you hire the Law Offices of Louis Spitters in San Jose, California, you get the person whose name appears on the door. Our firm focuses on individualized legal services with a relentless determination in fighting in an ethical manner for the rights of my clients.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation Lawyer for Santa Clara County

While some firms will pass you on to a paralegal or a lesser experienced associate, with the Law Offices of Louis Spitters, your case will be handled by a seasoned litigator with 25 years of legal experience.

Complex cases require an experienced attorney, whether it involves:

  • Business law matters that involves internal company disputes or dissolution of a business, company, or partnership
  • Commercial law matters that involves contract disputes or other disputes between companies or individuals
  • Accidents that result in brain injuries, wrongful death, or other serious or catastrophic injuries
  • Insurance companies accused of wrongful denial of coverage, improper handling of a claim or bad faith
  • Workplace discriminatory or employment practices that result in wrongful termination
  • Construction litigation involving contractors or homeowners
  • Disputes within condominium, co-op, and townhouse associations and between members and their association

Collaborative Partnership with All Clients

The Law Offices of Louis Spitters uses a collaborative and personalized approach to the handling of your case. I first discuss with you and identify your needs, desires and goals in assessing how to proceed. From there, we agree on a course of action and vigorously pursue the desired outcome. Though most cases are resolved through settlement, and I encourage my clients to settle their cases when possible, some cases must be tried and decided by a jury. I regularly keep my clients informed of the status of their case a client's active participation in their case will result in a more successful or satisfying resolution.

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a business, commercial, personal injury, insurance, employment or constitution dispute, please contact us.